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Company News

Wuxi Die & Mould Trade Association enters into a cooperative agreement with UCX

Since its establishment not long ago, UCX US-China Exchange Center has entered cooperation in Michigan with many Chinese enterprises. With its strong and solid team on the ground and precise vision,it has steadily shown its strengths through building up win-win situations with Chinese enterprises, which in turn makes that more and more Chinese enterprises are keen on cooperation with UCX. It is learned that more delegations of Chinese enterprises will visit UCX successively and quite a number of projects are in negotiation with UCX’s arrangement. 


On November 8th, under the arrangement of UCX, Ms. LeimingCai, as the President of Wuxi Die & Mould Trade Association, led the delegation visiting several precision tooling manufacturers in Michigan that are long-established and fast-growing.After the factory visits, UCX and Wuxi Die & Mould Trade Association signed a Cooperative Agreement at the elegant Iroquois Club for in-depth collaboration in the long term, which opens the door to more promising projects in future.Mr. Yuan Zhang, the Vice President of China Daily (US) attended the signing ceremony and spoke highly of UCX for the work that has been done. Mr. Matthew Djibouti, the Deputy Mayor of Oakland County, and Mr. John McIlroy who is a well-known American auto commentator also attended the signing ceremony for celebration.